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My goal as a photographer is to create, perpetuate and celebrate beauty. I am firmly in awe of the natural world and often photograph flowers, animals and insects. You can see more of my work and purchase prints at my fine art photography site I love collaborating with subjects to create other worldly and elegant nude portraits.

"I LOVE Siobhan's photographs. She has the eye, the heart, and the inquisitive regard of the artist that propels one into the world in the spirit of receptivity. It is not a simple thing, to notice and be aware. Consider how commonplace it is for people in general to go about the day largely absent to what is there... nature, things, other people, etc. And when we fail to notice, we lose the 'knowing' of what is truly noteworthy, is of interest, of beauty, and is potentially rich with meaning and metaphor and authenticity.

It takes effort and skill to be able to 'capture' an image in which the essence of the thing observed (whatever "it" ends up being) does not appear or feel 'captured'- static, stilted, staged. That requires something more than the 'point-and-click' approach that many of us bring to "taking pictures." The art of photography is something cultivated, a way of seeing, an aesthetic that the photographer brings to the 'subject' that is both the expression of an aesthetic and an intention. There may be some innate talent, yes, but talent, like skill, is developed over time and hours and hours (and years) of observation, trial and error, experimentation and effort."

Michelle Easson

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