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Product Photography

"Siobhan recently took some product photos for Evil Genius Designs. We used several of them in our product listing on Etsy and for one of our items, it was a mere few hours and it was SOLD. Thank you, Siobhan!" Evil Genius Designs


High impact product photography should give an inviting, accurate image of the item you are selling. I realize that the “before” shot is a scan from a printed catalog, so it’s already at a disadvantage, but as you can see the detail of the figurine and the beauty of the real butterfly wings are lost in the angle and lighting. I shot the whole catalog for the Kaleidoscope Naturals Pewter Faeries With Real Butterfly Wings. You can download here.

"This looks fabulous, great picture by the way! Thanks so much for taking the pictures,
this looks like a lovely and super healthy summer treat!"


Business Headshots

"As a business consultant, developing and maintaining a professional image is a key component of branding my services. A strong portrait is critical to creating an impression of intelligence, reliability and credibility for my target market.

Siobhan's ability to create beautiful, contemporary headshots for my marketing and public relations media has paid off for me tenfold. Her innate knowledge of lighting, composition and texture shines through in her photography."

Leili McKinley 

"I really enjoyed the photo session with Siobhan. She has the eye for the original and specific!

Her playful attitude is relaxing and very enjoyable to experience. I can warmly recommend her!"

Maha Conyers


Media Campaigns

"When we choose to work with vendors on creative projects it is important that they have a strong sense of vision. That they are able to see feelings, emotions and ideas and capture them in their work so that others may see as that others understand that they are included in that vision. At AKL, selecting evoking & imaginative photos and working with professional photographers is imperative to our success when delivering an experience that helps sell our products and services.
We have had the pleasure of working with Siobhan Halstead on some of our most edgy and creative photo shoots and she has delivered what can only be described as fabulous results." 
Pomai Weigert, Marketing & Community Relations Alii Kula Lavender Farm

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